Saracen Mantra 2016

  1. Call 07521 961 909 or email to check availability.

  2. Let us know your requirements and how best to contact you.

  3. Outside regular hours, we will agree a time to meet you at our hire centre.

  4. Collect the bike at the arranged time and agree a return time.

  • Please note, when operating on demand outside our regular shop opening hours (Sat, 10am-1pm) we cannot guarantee to provide a hire at very short notice but will try our best.


If you tell us the heights of the riders, we can estimate which frame sizes will fit them best. If you feel more comfortable on a different sized bike when you arrive, that won't be a problem.

All our mountain bikes are safety checked by trained technicians before and after hirings and come complete with helmets, a basic tool kit, a spare inner tube, puncture repair kit and a pump. We will be happy to advise on how to make use of these in case of minor roadside repairs (punctures) or answer any other questions about the bikes before you leave.

If you do not wish to wear a helmet or will wear your own, we ask that you sign a disclaimer.

Our staff will select the correct sized frame for you, take you through the paperwork and wish you happy cycling.

deposit is charged for each bike hired, either by preauthorised card payment or in cash. Cash deposits are of course fully refunded on return of the bike and equipment in an acceptable condition.  Deposits paid with cards are either blocked for a few days (debit cards) or reduce the credit limit for a few days (credit cards) and then lapse.

Finally, on return of the bikes we will ask if you can spare a few moments to fill out a customer satisfaction questionaire.

Full terms and conditions.

Download specifications for the Mantra and Mantra x-27

Rates for under 16s and students in brackets

Half Day

 Full Day 

 Longer hires

Saracen Mantra 2016 27 speed, hydraulic brakes £20 (£14) £25 (£18) Add half-day rate per extra day
Saracen Mantra 24 speed, cable brakes £15 (£11) £20 (£14) Add half-day rate per extra day 

Saracen Tufftrax (kids/small adult sizes)

£10 (£7) £15 (£11) Add half-day rate per extra day
Family (2 adults and 2 children under 16) 

£40 + £5 per additional child 

£55 + £7.50 per additional child 

Add half-day rate per extra day