Most of the organisational work for HCCH is put in by dedicated volunteers who give their time to manage and run it in the interests of the community, promoting local tourism and cycling in general. Servicing and hires are carried out by paid technicians.

Cycling is a broad church, from the lycra cyclist whose dreams are populated by beautifully machined Shimano and Campagnolo parts, to the regular rider who can find his or her way around most parts of their bike when necessary, to the person who regularly rides short distances on a machine sturdy enough for them rarely to have needed to have it fixed. We cover most of the bases and all are welcome.


Colin Wilsdon

Colin Wilsdon:

Colin has been the major driving force behind the project, part of the Hassocks Community Partnership, of which he is chair. He has been a small c cyclist all of his life and that c has been getting progressively larger over the last 10 years, although he has not yet been been seen in the full cycling garb.


Toby Wilsdon:

Toby has been involved with bikes for many years. A trained journalist, he's responsible for external communications, managing the website and social media and also carries out servicing and hires. A cyclist from an early age, he rides for transport and pleasure and once even cycled from Stoke on Trent to Singapore!


Mark Clark

Mark Clark:

Mark has been a keen mountain biker for many years and has just bought his first road bike. An MBA Project Manager with extensive experience in the field of intellectual property, business development and financial management, he is a councilllor, treasurer of two local charities and recently spent 5 weeks building a school in Burma